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Plans are slowly forming to organize a formal web-based archive of Toronto Island History.  Edward (Ted) English, Eric Light, and Eric Zhelka are coordinating this archival effort, gratefully supported by former and current Toronto Islanders who gather on the TorontoIslandConnections Yahoo Group (see Bulletin Boards, on the main site).  If interested in any way, please fill in our Survey as we gauge involvement to see if the project should move forward.

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Eric Light (Lye)


This is, or rather was, the bridge to what was called “Isle of Champaign” (now the RCYC South Island), from Chippewa Ave. There were a couple of houses on that island, and our family lived in one of them briefly before moving to Sunfish/Algonquin.


I walked up and down Chippewa back in the day looking for, among other things, sunfish and carp sunning in the seaweed patches. This bridge predates my time on the Island and disappeared like the Clandeboye Bridge which spanned the lagoon from where present day St Andrew’s sits and the Centre Island duck pond. I still see those images in my mind and remember those idyllic days.

Don Cale


Is this the Gonkie bridge? I don’t think it is steep enough on the right to be the Snake Island one. Seems to me there was a third bridge on the way to Center. Anybody??
Don @ 608 Lakeshore Ave.

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