Wards Fall Carnival

Document:  Wards Island Fall Carnival

By: Thaddeus Holownia

Date: circa 1973

Provenance: From the archives of Peter Holt, Toronto Island Archives

Digitized by: Eric Zhelka, from an original print

Annik Tyers, Peter Holt, ?Mary’s brother, baby Siobhan, Paul, Mary, Sandy Krzyzanowski, Ted McConville, Victor Whitfield, Cathy English & ?, Elizabeth Cunningham, Jana Roerick, Mary Hay, Pam Mazza, Ron Mazza, ?Diane Horne, ?Jake McCombs, Terry Haddral, Anne Broecker, ?, Brian Danniels, Deborah Danniels.

Leslie Yager, Julia Oldenburg, ?Toby Whitfield, Ian McRae, Lorraine Fry, ?, Nina Zhelka, ?, ?, ?, Gaetan Godin, ?, ?, ?, ?Cheryl Godin, ?, ?Kassi Ellis, ? Broecker, ?English, ?Sheree Merrick, Adam Zhelka, Michelle Philpot.

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