News from the Archives v01-1

Albert Fulton’s News from the Archives Newsletter Collection

News from the Archives v01-1

  • Created by: Albert Fulton
  • Date: 1992-03-01
  • Provenance: Collected by various members of Toronto Island Connections group
  • Notes: scanned and removal of foxing by Edward English, OCR by Eric Zhelka, PDF by Eric Light; v01-1

ALGONQUIN ISLAND ARCHIVES c/o Albert Fulton 5 Ojibway Ave Toronto M5J 2C9 362-2171 or 537-5006 THE ARCHIVES WINTER PROJECT or WHOS BEEN SLEEPING IN MY HOUSE? The most recent activity of the Archives has been the compilation of lists of residents for each of the homes on Algonquin Island. For the 31 houses moved from West Island Drive in 1938, the lists include the residents at the former location. If you would like to obtain a copy of the history of your home, or wish to peruse other historical materials in the Archives, give me a call. For your springtime entertainment, here are six archival contests. Prize winners for the first five will be the first to notify me of the correct answers. The winner of the sixth will have submitted the greatest number of correct answers by the deadline of Sunday, May 3, at 6pm. There will be a maximum of one prize per household. CONTEST #1: Which residents built the original houses on their lots (or had them built) and are still living in them? (2 answers; both must be correct) CONTEST #2: Which of the new houses on Algonquin (i.e. not moved from West Island Drive) were the first to be built? (2 answers) CONTEST #3: Which family occupied their home for the longest time? (53 years) CONTEST #4: Which of the present houses on Omaha, Wyandot and Seneca were built on vacant lots? (i.e. on lots which did not receive houses from West Island Drive–13 answers) CONTEST #5: Which pairs of neighbours on West Island Drive continued to be neighbours on Algonquin? (probably Out of choice, as a lot selection process was implemented; 4 answers–Algonquin addresses only are sufficient!) CONTEST #6: Photographs of the 31 houses removed from West Island Drive are on display in the Archives. State their present addresses! Have fun!! Albert the Archivist.

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Don Cale


Seems to me Albert Fulton had a collection of photos of all the Island homes gleaned from the property tax rolls. I saw some during a visit to that gracious mans home.

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